Do apologies come with implied warranties? Like somebody says they're sorry, then a year later says actually they weren't sorry. Can you get a refund or a new apology?

@tedu doesn't this depend on the literal meaning of the words in the apology?

"i'm sorry" at time X
"i'm not sorry" at time X+Y
= i ceased to be sorry

"i promise not to do it again" at time X
i do it again at time X+Y
= i broke my promise

"i promise not to do it again" at time X
"i didn't say i wasn't going to do it again" at time X+Y
= i lied

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@carcinopithecus I am mostly thinking of the case where somebody issues an apology to avoid trouble, the immediate danger passes, and then they go out and say they were never sorry, explicitly admitting the first apology was a lie. Never seems to be much consequence for that, since people would rather move on than start over with the punishment. A flaw in the system.

Maybe apologies should come with NDAs, where the consequences are automatic if you become unsorry.

@tedu @carcinopithecus it's kind of like a challenge, "fuck you, find your anger again if you can"

most people didn't genuinely know why they were angry to begin with, so have difficulty finding their original anger, if they can even be bothered with it anymore. luckily, i keep detailed records and receipts :-D

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