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We are a generalist international instance with a short and memorable domain and a lightly moderated friendly community.

Choose to be kind.

pinafore.x0r.be is an alternative UI that you can use after registration.

Joining a single Mastodon instance allows you to access every other instance in the (Mastodon) fediverse.

Please respect our rules, be civil with each other, and if you see something out of line use the report functionality!

Any kind of hate speech, racism or phobia against LGBTQ+ people is grounds for immediate account suspension.

These are not welcome on this instance: corporate accounts (non-profits are fine), advertising, one-directional crossposters from Twitter.

User accounts whose only activity consisted of registration, but did not post anything or follow anybody or interact with the fediverse in any other way might be deleted after a short period of time. This is in order to prevent bot activity.