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Jetzt bin ich endlich bei nem Arbeitgeber, bei dem das WLAN bis aufs Klo reicht und dann gibt es hier Bewegungsmelder fürs Licht die außerhalb der Kabinen sind...

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Toot, toot!
hallo :)

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me and @vmann have been very busy today, bringing a new #mastodon bot to you! It is not totally done yet, but almost.

find all the bugs! We are implementing a birbsite bridge, too.

#pcode #python #anarchism #commons #opensource

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nerd love is soooo puuuuure :3 :3

with @vmann, who is stoned af but still like "w8 panda, I'll just write a small script so the songs play after each other"

and she like "FUUUU I wanna cudlle!!!"


thanks to everyone who gave advise!

Tusky: reply button does not work.
AndStatus: crash when adding server.
11t: authorization doesn't proceed after login.
Subway Tooter: works fine so far, will use.

What do you use for mastodon on android?

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