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programing project 

So I've been working on a project that involves factorization of numbers in a range (1-10). I've got the factorization part down, but now I've got to combine the factors into a number that is evenly divisible by said numbers in range. I think I've got it but it's complicated.

I'm working on problem #5 from (I've solved 1-4).

Reinstalling Windows 

Wiping my laptop's Windows partition to reinstall Windows 10. At one point I installed Metasploit for research for a script I'm writing and Windows AV was so confused. It thought I had a million rootkits and trojans on my system. I tried uninstalling Metasploit, but I had installed it in Ubuntu on WSL and on Windows itself and I couldn't figure out where it was. So I'm reinstalling so that it doesn't have a flood of noise in the way of finding real threats.

Brain-Machine Interfaces 

Found this interesting site on engineering and science stuff at . Also found this article on a brain-machine interface technology based on a flexible mesh rather than rigid materials that is very interesting:

I might add this brain-machine interface is claimed to not provoke a response from the immune system.

Saw probably the best video I've ever seen on screenwriting this evening. It's all about making your own brand these days with screenwriting/filmmaking (not the words of the interviewee). It's really hard to make it in the industry. But it can be done with sheer scale of application and determination.

Just signed up for classes at my local community college. I'm going to be working towards a Computer Science degree which definitely is up my alley as I have been learning web development (Node, React, and Wordpress) for the last two years and have literally spent hundreds of hours on it (292 hours this year). Hoping this will go well.

Got Linux installed on my MS Surface Laptop today. Had to use a custom kernel made for the Surface devices, but it works (touchscreen too). Pretty happy with it now.

I've always thought lifting body spacecraft were a good idea. Way less sharp edges to deal with in thermal design.

So I tried to shrink my Windows partition on my laptop but found it was not able to shrink by more than 19MB (out of 240GB). Thinking it may be because I have BitLocker turned on so I'm decrypting the drive now. Going to install Linux on half the drive and keep Windows on the other half.

Wrote this article on how similarities between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics make me optimistic about the (long term) future of physics.

Browsers are such memory hogs. I bet if we got rid of the operating system and made broswers the operating system they would run a lot smoother. Less layers to deal with I guess. Of course that would be a whole new computer. Kinda like a Chromebook I guess.

Wipe my computer? 

Thinking of wiping my laptop and installing Linux, Ubuntu version. Memory management in Windows 10 is pretty bad and my computer keeps hanging. I've heard Linux has better memory management. I still have to assess if all my important apps have linux versions, but I'm enamored by switching. I have used Linux before.

Wrote an article on quantum computing the other day on my blog. May be a little redundant considering what others have written but it was a good exercise in putting my thoughts down in words.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find liscensable images of quantum computers.

Just spent 25 minutes working on my Chinese. Think it was worth it.💬🇨🇳

Learning Chinese 

Just finished a Chinese lesson (on my phone). Little discouraging because I was reviewing words I didn't know very well. But I got through it. I've been learning Chinese for a few weeks total maybe including a break.

AI, Fear-mongering 

Watched a video on the dangers of AI last night. I used to think it was just fear-mongering about AI being dangerous, but I'm not so sure anymore. Pretty good video. You can see it at:

Wrote about half of my new draft of my script Lords Of Destruction today. Script is about programmers and hackers (and inbetween). I just kept writing and writing. Logged 2:45 today. More to go.

I came up the other day with a story idea that centered on a future created by Elon Musk where self-driving cars had AI personalities via hacked software on the cars. Wrote down a few paragraphs but it didn't go too far.

Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a filmmaker and web developer by trade.

I'm a pretty active Twitter user but wanted to give Mastodon another try. I joined a server a long time ago but stopped because the people on the server did not have the same interests as me.

My interests as follows:
- Filmmaking
- The Bible
- Programming
- 3D Art
- Music
- Photography
- Science (esp. Quantum Mechanics)
- Books (usually nonfiction now but I've read a lot of fiction)

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