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Warm water is again available after more than a week! Could have been worse but i sure enjoy a non-ice-cold shower.

I'm the only one in the group chat who watched Chernobyl but these memes have to go somewhere

One of the most painful journalism mistakes is when journos try to substitute a paragraph of text for a graph.

You're describing numbers! Over time! Use a graph, not unclear text to avoid every reader having to reconstruct some idea of that graph in their own head.

This is the Lairig an Laoigh, the "pass of the calves" which skirts the eastern edge of the Cairngorm plateau. The cows were taken of the Lairig Ghru, which is a much higher pass, but shorter.

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black mirror 

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irony in infosec 

first thunderstorm of the summer 

I definitely didn’t see that coming but something was in the air.

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The gas was turned off in our building today for an undetermined length of time, as there was a gas leak.

Looks like it’s endurance-building cold water showers for a while!

(And a lot of smell related puns.)

"Plausible Deniability and Gaslighting in Fighting Ad Blockers"

Buckle up, I wrote ~3000 words on what I think is happening WRT Google's changes in Chrome with extensions.

It’s true: millenials don’t answer the door unless expecting somebody.

Why should I answer the door if it’s just some random person trying to get into the building?

Finally it’s summer so I can sit on the terrace, sip iced tea and write some blog posts that I wanted to write.


One consequence of ubiquitous low-earth-orbit internet coverage will be that we'll be finally able to get high-speed, stable wifi coverage on trains in Europe, making it a much better option for any kind of business travel on European-scale distances.

Fascist types and parties are climate change denialists not because they don't believe the science, but because to them whether it's true or not is irrelevant:

It's a competing storyline. If you do something against the climate emergency you're already getting engaged with a community and have much less mental space for any mental storyline or feeling that those people peddle. Being green/doing stg about climate change is essentially a competing vision for the future.

@whatcraic @gekitsu @Miredly This is a dumb idea that I see repeated again and again.

Bad ideas grow stronger when in public, not when they are confined to secret underground societies. Secret societies don't have the exposure for their idea to catch on and they have trouble getting recruits.

Things like white supremacy aren't based on facts, but on feelings, so "defeating" them through debate accomplishes nothing, but lets those who feel the same find each other and grow stronger.

Here is what will happen if someone tries to log-in with a #gab account in #sengi 😏

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