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This story is just bonkers!

Beto was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow (the legendary hacking group in the 90s responsible for Back Orifice and other stuff)

terrorist content 

youtube and extremist content 

Also ties in privacy and big tech companies nicely.

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When you work on the design, architecture of a tool or a product or a platform, then you're an architect, a designer, a tech lead or a CTO.

When you work on the architecture of science, the tools and processes of academia, you're a nobody, who gets told to focus on "actual research."

cw: body anatomy 

I’m going to a C/C++ programmers bar today.

(It’s called Pointers)

So on april 1st, brits will be like

"Ha, ha! April Fools! This is Saturday Night Live from Londooooooon!"

Right? Right?

The hardest part of running a blog is finding a good hero image.


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@wxcafe @maffsie fun fact: there's an austrian word some people use when they're annoyed with computers and it's "blechtrottel", or, "sheet metal fool"

If there is one takeaway from this swiss voting debacle, then it's this:

Electronic voting is a fundamentally flawed concept because any election where people have to be cryptographers to audit election results lacks legitimacy, period.

Note: ability to audit is not even "verify", it's less than that. Even with a perfect cryptographic system people have to have the ability to look into the results and you can't do that if the average person has to be a cryptographer.

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