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Worst thing about being back in the office is dialing back on onion consumption

neurologically pleasing books 

Good examples for me include C.J. Cherry's Chanur and Foreigner series.

It's more than world-building, somehow the established universes feel mentally relaxing, even if there is a lot of excitement and fast-paced action going on.

I see the EU has failed to do away with the archaic ritual of fiddling with the clocks for yet another year.

Psst, did you hear, daylight savings time was created by commies who hate the single market. Pass it on…

(You know, it’s worth a try.)

Tech gripe 

Keeping one's own data is difficult and expensive and error prone, you should use a cloud service to ensure longevity

~ Google buys the cloud service; shuts it down ~


Heute ist #Klimastreik! Los, kommt mit auf die Straße, es geht um unsere Zukunft!

I’m genuinely surprised. Currently I’m migrating from one email provider to the next, so it involves changing account email addresses at a lot of places.

What’s really surprising is how many of the account data modification flows are completely broken. For major services, with tens/hundreds of millions of users. If I wouldn’t see it first-hand, I would have thought it exaggerated.

It’s clear no-one tests this shit.

good quality headphones 

I had my planar magnetic headphones for over five years now, and I still get amazed every other day of the sound quality, even in comparison to other relatively good sound sources like the Sonos speakers or Apple Airpods.

It's a very noticeable difference.

If there are cleaning ladies, where are the cleaning lords??

Chromebooks are very secure. This is not surprising. Prisons usually have excellent security.

“About to go live”

You nod sagely. They have finally found balance, meaning and purpose in life.

I refuse to support imperial units, I just do metric and medieval ones.

"How many shaftments do you want?"

"Do you need an even barleycorns of x?"

"So you're starting a farm? How many virgates is that?"

afghanistan, biden 

This is why Obama did not want Biden as president.

Most people are also find it really challenging to choose bumbling mediocrity over downright authoritarian evil.

Periodical reminder that the concept of a "personal carbon footprint" was literally a marketing campaign by British Petroleum

For anyone wondering: Barmsteine on the austrian-german border.

I took this picture from the kleiner Barmstein looking at the Großer Barmstein.

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vaccine passes and consequences 

I just blocked a mutual here, because they wrote a blogpost comparing vaccine passes and mandates to dictatorship, with some Ayn Rand sprinkled in there. And “HIPPA”.

It’s futile to debate someone this far gone, however there are social consequences.

Schutzhütten immer schwerer erreichbar

Die durch den #Klimawandel steigenden Temperaturen lassen die #Permafrost-zonen in den Bergen steigen und sorgen für #Gletscherschwund und #Starkregen. Manche #Schutzhütten werden dadurch immer schwerer erreichbar. Für die Oberwalderhütte musste sogar ein gesicherter #Klettersteig errichtet werden.

#Klimaanpassung #Erosion #Frostverwitterung

dnd / rpg is so unrealistic 

They have things like: magic hat - +3 fire resistance and such minor trifles

Reality has -85% disease probability from the updated sample your builtin biochemical defense system received. No hat required, but it’s really fun to wear one.

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