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"Angry white america" is such a long phrase.

"Fascism" is way shorter for the same thing.

Kaseya's Staff were fired for pointing out and/or trying to fix the security vulnerability, as early as 2017, that led to thousands of companies being hit with a ransomware attack recently.

#InfoSec #Security #Kaseya #Ransomware #REvil instance registrations 

In other words, I've decided to make closed to registration.

I'm happy to keep it a small instance, and any of you currently active is welcome to hand out invites as before, it's just that I'm not really looking to manage sign-ups.

I'm also purging accounts that haven't logged in since 2019. Two years should be enough for anyone who wants to have a spot by the fireplace around here,

I'm sort of present again, after a longish absence.

FWIW I think Mastodon has some of the same addictive aspects as Twitter, but personally I consider it a nicotine patch for my social media addiction. It's a smaller community, I feel less anxious to keep up with the discourse, and there are more tools to manage its impact on your brain. (E.g. I don't use push notifications, and I mute many notification types.)

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I’ll be performing server maintenance sporadically today during the day.

Please expect some outages.

Finally on holidays. Last few months were beyond exhausting.

M'aiq thinks some books it is okay to judge by their cover. Who has time to read every book? And some it is safer not to.

Describing a chart with text: don’t do that in an article.

Include the damn chart and comment on that

One of the worst thing online is nerds from two unethical multinationals dunking on each other. Just disgusting brown nosing.

(In this case Google employees taking potshots at Cloudflare’s hardware-key based CAPTCHA replacement. Just disgusting given Google’s anti-competitive behaviour with their captcha service)

vaccine advertisement 

But instead of these public figures shtick, it’s just two cuts of Tony Soprano:

1. “So uh, I got a ting I need you to do”

2. “Did you do the ting I asked you to do?”


It was interesting how in the 1980s and 90s columbian drug cartels actually invested quite large amounts of money into new research areas
- accounting practices
- creative legal theories
- organized crime politics


Today cryptocurrencies are investing money into cryptoGRAPHY research and pushing the field forward in the same way. It's interesting, it's horrifying and it's driven in large parts by crime (specifically, fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering)

the power of sociology 

Like the J&J suspension case.

A lot of people tried to defend that decision on scientific grounds but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Society is not made of people reading systematic reviews in The Lancet. They sent a signal flare through that low bandwidth channel and this dented US vaccination willingness significantly.

It didn’t matter that J&J was later unsuspended. Suspension was telling people: “this is not safe” and you can’t uncommunicate that over a few weeks.

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the power of sociology 

(Yes I’m subtooting Angie Rasmussen who is subtweeting Zeynep Tufekci in this specific example)

It’s perfectly okay to be a scientist in a STEM field and not be an expert in crisis communication and public health decisions. It’s a different set of skills.

Crisis comms is trying to get info across a low bandwidth channel under hostile conditions (noise and counter messaging), where the receiver makes their own decision about your message.

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