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There is a nice example for weaponized language in contracts and politicians:


What native speakers familiar with contract terms understand: you make no guarantees or commitments in the fulfillment of something

What non-native speakers or unfamiliar with this term understand: wow, they committed to maximum effort

So the EU official complaining about AstraZeneca deliveries not being “best effort”: they were exactly that! Bottom-barrel, no guarantees service.

I was walking our dog shortly after rain today and I realized that I almost forgot how rain smells like.

Capitalism, social media, algorithms 

Corporate platforms are not a good choice to keep in touch with people you love anyway. Their algorithms are optimized to show you outrageous stuff, market unnecessary things to you, get you "engaged" and invested in the platform to keep you there.
They have no interest in showing you the things you care about most first. Because why would you spend your time doomscrolling if you already got what you need?
It's a capitalist flavor of low key censorship.

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Reasons for dropping gmail 

I excluded all the minor email services as we know very little about their security practices or overall corporate structure, trustworthiness.

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Reasons for dropping gmail 

3. Google is more and more relying on abusive monopolistic practices, I think they should be broken up by the EU/US and I simply don’t trust them for anything important.

So for me the ideal email provider is like my bank: there is a customer relationship, security assumptions are high, and if push comes to shove I can get in touch with a human.

That’s why I basically only considered Microsoft O365 and Apple’s icloud for an email address. I picked icloud.

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Reasons for dropping gmail 

1. You’re not the customer, there is no support and people get locked out capriciously all the time - there are many horror stories. Google has a unified account, so random youtube stuff can affect your identity provider.

2. Google is noticeably decreasing in service quality, most of the people who pushed the company forward have left for greener pastures, while ppl still there are pushing it more and more into the orwellian data merchant direction.

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Reasons for dropping gmail 

Ok, so I’ve been slowly moving away from gmail and I thought I’d share the reasons why - it might be useful to you.

My primary use-case is not so much writing emails, as receiving them - mostly from accounts I have elsewhere.

Gmail used to be my identity provider, being the password reset mail and the destination for invoices, receipts etc.

So I wasn’t looking for an email provider as much as an identity provider. And Google is just not trustworthy for that:

The average factorio player has better logistics planning than the vaccine rollout in the EU.

Hahaha there is a video

Best way to say you’re not racist is in your best weirdly snob royal accent looking like you stepped out of the 1930s


octodon is slow because i am compiling ruby every ten minutes. why am i compiling ruby every ten minutes? because it's trash and in twenty twenty one you can't just install a debian package like a reasonable person who doesn't want to dedicate their month to troubleshooting ruby

austria, cursing 

Only in this godforsaken country do they contemplate opening up shit in the middle of a rising wave of cases caused by the more transmissible variant!

For fuck's sake, even Orbán is smarter than that and he's really fucking dumb. Dumb like the kolhoz leader in Belarus during Chernobyl.


Mehr Freude im Fediverse 

Zur Feier des Tages starte ich hiermit einen Freuden-Thread! 🌱

Für all eure Joy-Scrolling-Bedürfnisse!

Alle dürfen mitmachen. Einfach mit einer kleinen oder großen Freude antworten. (CW ggf ergänzen!)

Für jedes Sternchen ergänze ich eine. 😊

To under 25s everyone over 35 is a boomer

Society, mistakes 

In the last couple of years the biggest mistakes I’ve made was to assume things are working.

When something is important, don’t assume it is working, or that the people in charge of said thing know what they are doing. Verify it.

updated 2021 suggested fediverse success metrics 

- lessons learned from marginalized people
- friendships formed and maintained
- worthwhile conversations had
- comments remembered months or years later
- support and validation given and received
- honesty entrusted to one's social circle
- furries petted
- pets received
- stress levels associated with reading home timeline and notifications
- pleasure derived from same
- neat creations shared
- acceptance felt

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