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austria, cursing 

Only in this godforsaken country do they contemplate opening up shit in the middle of a rising wave of cases caused by the more transmissible variant!

For fuck's sake, even Orbán is smarter than that and he's really fucking dumb. Dumb like the kolhoz leader in Belarus during Chernobyl.


To under 25s everyone over 35 is a boomer

Society, mistakes 

In the last couple of years the biggest mistakes I’ve made was to assume things are working.

When something is important, don’t assume it is working, or that the people in charge of said thing know what they are doing. Verify it.

updated 2021 suggested fediverse success metrics 

- lessons learned from marginalized people
- friendships formed and maintained
- worthwhile conversations had
- comments remembered months or years later
- support and validation given and received
- honesty entrusted to one's social circle
- furries petted
- pets received
- stress levels associated with reading home timeline and notifications
- pleasure derived from same
- neat creations shared
- acceptance felt

It’s ok to feel like shit after the past year

I know I’m struggling to stay balanced.

M'aiq heard much of Headman Bhosek, but saw very little. For the best, M'aiq thinks.

Humans reach adulthood very slowly. Imagine though what would happen with a 3x as fast growing up process.

“But moooom! I WANT that toy!” [demolishes store in anger]

Social development fills the time.

Attention: we now have a puppy.

That is all.

Bitcoin either needs to be outlawed outright or treated the same way other CO2e intensive industries: an ever increasing carbon tax on it.

IT people are intensely myopic 

To focus on things like “oh but links should be free on the web”

When that’s not the point, monopolies are the point and the monopoly they exert over the advertising landscape.

It takes a special kind of myopia to be bothered by the former and not the latter.

Here likes are just likes, not another thing to monetize by showing what randos liked and try to juice engagement metrics for the Q2 OKRs

I have a pet peeve that I absolutely never want to hear any sports breaking news.

Let me opt out or I disable notifications entirely from your app, thanks.

There is no AI, there is only responsibility laundering for the algorithms companies develop.

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