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Reality has a well-known leftist bias. If you want to convince people that inequality, high carbon emissions and austerity are good for them, you need to get them to abandon reality.

That's easier than you'd think.

Reality is hard to know. Are 737 Maxes safe? Should you wear a mask? Are vaccines safe? Is your kid's distance ed any good?

These are all questions that can only be answered by mastering multiple disciplines, reviewing the literature, checking the math in the papers, etc.


Fucking clockversatives!!! You can'tr trust those people.

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Y2038K is just a conspiracy to sell more clocks.

They want you to use 64bit numbers to distract you from the present, wake up sheeple!

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I’m going to start a Y2038K denialist group.

“32bit numbers run out? That’s ridiculous”.

“Have you ever counted to 4B? Checkmate, Y2038Kists”

M'aiq tried to swim out to sea, but had to turn back. Slaughterfish. Always the slaughterfish.

Classic Mastodon user checking notifications after shitposting

Free software, labour 

I'd like to add comments to my blog, but would like to avoid Disqus because although I don't believe it's The Most Evil, I have concerns about profile building and sharing. Currently, I like the looks of Isso.

Apart from respect for privacy issues, I'm also wanting something with fairly flexible authentication, I'm not sure about anonymous posting (because spam).

Before I devote time/resources to Isso and hosting, can anybody make a recommendation?

Feel free to boost.


People for 3 years: mastolab/fedilab you are enabling racists, get a grip


Google: fedilab you are enabling racist and violence

Fedilab: "7 days to bring changes without knowing what exactly"

Please listen very carefully to what Drew DeVault writes, it brings up very good points.

Then do the exact opposite.

I need to do some godawful shitposts to cleanse myself from people who only follow me for my extremely sophisticated net policy arguments :blobfingerguns:

useful idiots 

worlds tiniest violin 


Deutschland: "Wir sind Breitband-Schlusslicht in Europa!!1!"
Österreich: "Hoid mei Bia, Oida!"

Pressure suits and breathers, check
Rampant, exploitative view of capitalism, check

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