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Never deploy between 12:00 and 1pm!

It's called the launch break for a reason!

Do french speakers ever go like

"Let's take the gender out of the Gendarmerie?"

It's weird how "rotational correction" applies both to the linux kernel and Elite: Dangerous.

Not enough sleep for a week makes me realize how untenable it is to function like that long term

terfs, authors 

I guess I’m incapable of calling police police when they look like stormtroopers on march.

social networks; hate speech 

liberals are the dogs of politics as in they look at your finger instead of where you're pointing

fash trash 

One of the better tech decisions I've made was switching from immediate to the semi-annual update channel for Windows 10

This is usually for orgs who don't want to break things with every update (still a thing with Microsoft), but also good for people like me who need to use Windows for work, but don't enjoy fixing *MASSIVE* regression test failures at Microsoft

I thought the horror stories were an exaggeration. Nope!

“Don’t worry, I copied the database before deleting all the photos”


“Yeah. Thumbs.db”



Morning pun 

Lgbtq+ flags 

Uspol, expanse 

I wish the weather would be like this today, but anyway here is a picture from last week when we went to Schönbrunn

@dankwraith "this was the one thing we didn't want to happen"

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