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US pandemic response 

Empty studio sets: BBC backgrounds for your video calls

(submitted by open-source-ux)

Yeah I used to read LKML and compile my own kernels around 2005-6 and despite these severe handicaps still managed to have sex, don’t at me.

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I was literally in the first hundred users of git on the planet and it’s still easier to just throw away git repos from time to time than to add the right incantation to unfsck them.

I would love to play the remastered FF7, it’s such a shame that it’s a playstation exclusive.

I have very fond memories of the original and I’ve been an eco-terrorist ever since.

It was fun to do an upgrade from centos 7 to 8 and I’ve learned a lot....about low-level kernel details I never want to learn about again.

You know how when you get a new table with more surface area, instead of giving you less cluttered space it just gives you more surface to clutter?

Yeah, that's what web developers do with your bandwidth.

Strange uspol 

I kinda like Mastodon on the ipad with PWA-mode.

Austria is one of the least-developed countries in terms of fiber-to-the-home rollout in Europe.

It makes me want to stuff some soap into a sack and whack the head of the competition authority here which approved the upc-t-mobile merger.

"Silvenar" is a person, a place, and a concept. M'aiq wonders, how can one thing be three things?

You know what is passion?

Passion is looking at someone like Elon Musk is now looking at his contractual benchmark

ukpol photoshop request 

Ubuntu 20.04 is pretty good so far, much better performance and nicer overall UI feel on gnome-shell

neighbor dilemmas 

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neighbor dilemmas 

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