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Today I had to convince someone that using dns based hostnames for a given backend service is better than just using IPv4 private address space addresses.

In 2020.


We’ve been married for almost a year now and the marzipan figurines from our wedding are still going strong.

I never thought I’d be married one day or that being with someone would really feel this loving.

If it turns out that advanced civilizations place a premium on private, encrypted communications and this is why we didn’t detect any yet, it’ll make cryptography the most important discipline in the history of humanity

Omfg, I was browsing various country-specific reddits and in Austria it’s Kurz this, politics that, in r/Belgium it’s politics this and that, let’s not even get started on UK/US specific ones.

In r/portugal?

Just Francesinhas. From Braga, from Porto, from the south.

Just. Francesinhas. This is why i fucking love Portugal!

hot swap; gross 

Signal, Age, Wormhole, Minisign

Doing one thing well with good enough UX is vastly superior than including everything with a knob. Or holding on to broken things in the name of compatibility

Source: Actually working with humans

One of these weird americanisms is with iOS/Android assuming that people take the car to work and providing ETA based on that

I entered that stage in life where recently I coded more in spreadsheets than outside of it

@grainloom stay tuned for further adventures in computing!

my fucking test code
it didn't cd to the proper directory

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"The attacker utilized the anti-virus management console service account to distribute the malware across the network."

climate change, australia bushfires, donations, pol inaction 

We’ve decided to take the train for any trips that are within 1500-2000km of Vienna.

Booked the nightjet (austrian railways night train) to Rome 😎 🚞

nsfw; list of words more fun in english than in german 

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