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my fucking test code
it didn't cd to the proper directory

"The attacker utilized the anti-virus management console service account to distribute the malware across the network."

climate change, australia bushfires, donations, pol inaction 

We’ve decided to take the train for any trips that are within 1500-2000km of Vienna.

Booked the nightjet (austrian railways night train) to Rome 😎 🚞

nsfw; list of words more fun in english than in german 

Risk hedging and CDS in preindustrial civilizations: I think this would be a great way to explain behaviour like sun-festivals and religious reactions to the changing of the seasons.

Those societies looked at risk, did not have a good understanding of the underlying fundamentals (orbital mechanics) and sought to hedge against the uncertainty by performing religious rituals to ensure that spring would happen again, good meteorological conditions etc.

So the United Methodist Church in the US will split because disagreements on gay marriage.

The two new churches will be called: Top Methodist Church and Bottom Methodist Church

this morning my wife described something as “very templar” and I took a few rounds of desperately trying to comprehend that before I asked for clarification and it turns out she’d said “very tumblr”

you know google fucked up when... 

Apparently the new Doctor Who villain is a company based on Google

To the new #fedilab users, dont forget to use tusky instead if you dont want to support nazi.

object storage adventures 

object storage adventures 

object storage adventures 

First meme of the decade 

So yeah, merry 2020 fellow tooters! Here in Italy 🇮🇹 it’s 1am of January 1st 2020 already.

Hope to see some of you IRL!

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