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scp(1), the unix tool for encryptid file transfer

bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

Sometimes, hiring based on numerology works.

- What’s your favourite number?
- Five nines
- Hired!

[SRE department]

Last couple of days were very busy, but in a good way.

Having actual, positive impact at work for end-users.

Eh, learning to let bad takes just slide instead of amplifying them by responding is taking less and less effort for me lately.

I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

A great long read on how Google became a surveillance company. In 2002, still reeling from the dot-com crash, Google realized they’d been harvesting a very valuable raw material — your behavior.

i went mushroom hunting for the first time since i started to like eating mushrooms. it is so much more interesting activity when i actually intend to eat what i find. i would go again right now.

tomatoes, lots of them, my harvest, boost ok 

My sourdough starter after 12 hours.
Me: feels like dr Frankenstein


tech debt, legacy, brexit 

why do incels make the worst software devs

they close every ticket with "can't reproduce won't fix"

ios 13 shortcuts 

The most concise definition of a libertarian that I can think of is someone living in a functioning society daydreaming about not living in one.

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