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How mastodon changed me 

It is my absolute pleasure to share with you this photo of the first pear harvest of the year in Sundogistan, which also happens to be about double of all other years combined.

I got the perfect analogy for kubernetes:

Cockroaches. They can live up to ten days without their head, just like kubernetes when some of the components break, without affecting the running pods.

Stop talking and SHIP.


The feeling when I realised that some unmaintained code that I've abandoned ten years ago is in several cisco devices and used by some Oracle proprietary systems:


open source economics 

Git is like democracy: distributed, messy, complex and uninituitive and the worst version control system except all the others in existence

Most software architecture these days is based on:

1. Take a DAG

2. ???

3. Profit!

The weirdest feeling is realizing that I know a bunch of words in english without 1:1 equivalents in hungarian or german and that only hits me when @fubenalvo sometimes asks me for a translation and I have to come up with a definition on the spot.

Lately I’ve had extremely busy but also very satisfying days. It’s been a while I felt that.

reminder that there's no such thing as 'hatewatching,' or dragging an ad, or quote-tweeting some racist politician. there's literally an entire school of 'outrage-based advertisting' that seeks to exploit your reactions because hating something enough to yell about it manipulates people into getting more eyes on the thing they're hawking. the idea that you Have To Respond is a brain-divot they're trying to sneak in through.

you know what does work? deplatforming.

THIS applies to way too many situations these days.

evolving spam tactics on the fediverse 

Did you know about Magic Wormhole?

It's great. Secure data transfer without prior trust ceremonies.

I was promised decentralization goddammit so why is everyone using wasabi which runs object storage on a giant array of 3.5" floppy disks

From Twitter, the new Grandia game’s German translation is hilarious

It translated "miss" (as in, missed shot) by "fraulein" (young lady)

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