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Now that the hog thing is over let me tell you about the time we met some in the Lanzer tiergarten in Vienna.

I was taking some photos of a group of hogs something like a hundred meters away and we just remarked that this is probably the closest we’ll see them when a fully mature hog barreled down the side of the hill and crossed the path barely 5 meters in front of us.

We acquired a healthy appreciation for hogs that day.There was a story that hogs chased the british amb to Austria too.

(I don’t understand music notation) Every time I see musical notation of simpler melodies my mind goes: “ah, the keyboard cat music”

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It's 2019 and...I'm learning about Java.

I'm interested in the ecosystem for work reasons, any recommendations for books or material for learning about the standard Java tools? Build/CI, frameworks, JVM, package management, and so on.

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I had an extremely busy last two days. In a good way.

Immobilienpreise in den weißen Flächen explodieren jetzt dann


Die Zahl der #Hitzetage wird in den kommenden Jahren massiv zunehmen (via Unsere Orte und Städte brauchen entlang der Straßen mehr schattenspendende Bäume sowie mehr Grünoasen statt Asphaltwüsten. #Hitze #Klimakrise



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