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A surprise to behold 

A surprise to behold 

A surprise to behold 


- "911 what's your emergency?"
- "Help! My house is on fire and it's spreading to the neighbouring houses aswell!"
- "It's a fire, you can extinguish it yourself. [slams phone down]"

I picked up enough knowledge by know that my espresso/cappuccino is pretty good.

I got the grind size, tamping pressure and level with some nice coffee beans right.

Lattes are not my thing but my foam is pretty good.

me a long time ago and so many people: wait there is no way to delete anything from pgp keyservers ever, including real names (of course deadnames), email-addresses and photos, what is wrong with you people and in what world do you live in

pgp: it's a feature

people: *exploit that for evil in an obvious attack*

pgp: [surprised pikachu]

Free software 

Normally I'm extremely interested in cryptography details, but I started reading a thread about how gnupg is connected to the SKS keyserver attack and....I gave up partway through because it's exactly the same story over and over again. We could have a drinking game on this, it's so consistent that everything PGP is:

- 90s crypto
- the internals are a badly evolved mess
- noone gives a crap about the end2end big picture, instead it's pass-the-blame hot potato

When I started to explain to Bálint how city planting in Vienna works, this cute board turned up in front of us.

Living in Vienna, AT 

Living in Vienna, AT 

To get away from that badly chosen name (who would use something called GIMP) and to create a new image manipulation tool, I started the Pixel Hoarding Layer Editor & Generic Manipulation library.

So Youtube just banned basically infosec from their platform (“hacking techniques”) but still refuses to do much of anything about white supremacists.

Prioirities, got it.

gab watch 

@rasputin ah yeah, it's quite shameful that people are not using ed25519 keys yet.

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