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I think what raises the ambiancé of an office is I don't know, a little bit of drilling.

The one where the desks shake from the vibrations.

First time on Mastodon.

This shot is from Sunrise in Alberta Canada during the height of summer (jk)

Taken with a Nikon D800 and I think the 24mm F2.8D lens

#photography #sunrise #alberta

eagerly awaiting the day when scientists finally invent a centrifuge powerful enough to separate the art from the artist

Hey, #Firefox-using friends—

If you lost access to your add-ons this past weekend and you tried some advice to set `xpinstall.signatures.required` to `false` in `about:config`, you should

1. install the latest update, and

2. flip that setting back to `true`.

It's important to have this setting on to help protect you against malicious extensions.

(Don't @ me about whether you personally need or want Mozilla to sign the extensions you use. Consider this toot may not be for you.)

They named the streets in part of our neighborhood after large cats. So there was just a notice for a:

Cougar Block Party

Probably attracts a different audience than what they're targeting.

study on factors holding back space exploration 



Space computing is hard.

Both computing space usage and computing in space

It’s may and had to turn the heating on

Not normal to get an arctic blast, climate change doesn’t just warm the weather but makes the system more chaotic

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