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Why the Guardian is putting global #CO2 levels in the weather forecast

Today, the CO2 level is the highest it has been for several million years. Back then, temperatures were 3-4C hotter, sea level was 15-20 metres higher and trees grew at the south pole. Worse, billions of tonnes of carbon pollution continues to pour into the air every year and at a rate 10 times faster than for 66m years...

What I miss from the temporarily existing then vanished side of tumblr is the refined conversation mixed with shitposting.

It’s was a bit like Discourse-und-Taxis from a Wes Anderson film. Or prime time comedians when they mix comedy with serious current events.

Anyway it’s gone now, these things don’t last.

Never let a "Smart TV" onto a network.

"Android TV update puts home-screen ads on multi-thousand-dollar Sony Smart TVs"

If God would exist life would be more like a MMO and they as a dev.

“Fingers on the hands are way too OP compared to fingers on the feet. This change nerfs them [balance fix]”

Some geniuses tried to lock a fridge with wires and a padlock, but as you can see the wire was trivially liftable through the top of the fridge.

Amazing skills.

Data abuse companies are acting as if GDPR is The Monolith broadcasting the message of



star trek series worth watching in chronological order Show more

star trek series worth watching in chronological order Show more

This is now a “things you might not have known” thread.

I’ll continue with:

The line in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy about the secret of flying “is to throw yourself at the ground and miss” is scientifically accurate, this is how bodies orbit planets. (Orbital velocity being so high that they continuously miss the ground)

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First starbucks in at least 5 years.

I guess you could say I’m not too big on chains

Did I mention we're getting married with @fubenalvo on saturday?


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