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Apparently the weather has different ideas.

Where is the sun

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Switching between 1080p and 4K screens causes me constant disorientation.

4k is so much more usable (now that the UI kinks have been worked out)

morbid humour 

There are too many hungarians anyway, so holding soccer games with 15k+[1] people in the country with the second worst death rate in Europe is just fine.


@darkstar oh nice!!

and I'll dress as an astronomy nerd for halloween

Obviously I shouldn't give a shit about DMCA in the EU. Or how it relates to Apple/tractor repair.

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In hindsight centralizing on github under US jurisdiction was a bit of a mistake.

RBG and her gamble fair enough, I see the shades of difference but I guess we can agree she's on board the fascist train no?

food, racism 

The NYT has a bit about the Bon Appétit contretemps that I don't think has been reported before:

<< In a post to Bon Appétit’s account, Priya Krishna, a freelancer who had accused Condé Nast of unequal pay, was quoted as saying: “I have been forced to think outside of myself and my identity my entire career. So why can’t white editors change their mindset now?”

Ms. Wintour asked to have the item removed, according to internal Condé Nast Slack messages. But by the time of her request, the Krishna post had been online for hours, and Ms. Wintour was warned that deleting it would only attract more attention. The social media team suggested posting new content that would push the item down in users’ feeds. Ms. Wintour approved the plan, according to two people involved in the discussion. >>

xmpp, pgp are pretty much dead and deservedly so

(same is true about irc, but at least I'm nostalgic about that!) server maintenance 

Aaand we’re back.

Maintenance in progress keyboard picture included

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I'm going to upgrade from postgres 12.4 to 13, so I'll be taking the instance offline for the duration.

We'll be back shortly.


the thing is the gap is bound to increase over time, as we continue to miniaturize

also a factor in storage, not just cpus, bitflips are getting so increasingly common that I wouldn't run a datacenter without error correction/parity bits all the way down.

It's getting ridiculous

Vienna city center today, when record-high covid numbers were announced.

As they say in Vienna:

Oida, bist du deppert?!

RBG and her gamble 

Now she'll be replaced by a 48-year old white supremacist christian cultist.

The US supreme court will need to be rebalanced to prevent that travesty from happening.

It's not enough to hold the right ideas, working towards them strategically is vital.


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RBG and her gamble 

She was 80, after two separate fights with cancer.

The Democrats in 2013 had a majority in the Senate, and Obama delicately encouraged RBG to retire, while they sitll had the Senate votes to confirm a liberal replacement.

She refused and gambled. She almost made it, a few more months would have made a tremendous difference. Her dieing words reflected the realisation that she lost: ""My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." 2/3

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RBG and her gamble 

I think enought ime has passed since Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death that it's possible to talk about this a bit more dispassionately.

"Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

She seems to have thought that it's not enough to be ideologically right, but to fight for change in a way that's effective.

Barack Obama asked RBG for lunch in 2013. At that point, she's been on the supreme court for 20 years. 1/2

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