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covid österreich 

@vautee I know Kurz is just following what he thinks people want to hear, but

over 3/4 of economists think that the better covid is handled/brought under control , the better it is for the economy overall.

I guess this goes quite against the common debate on "health vs economy"

covid österreich 

3.614 new cases today

lockdown is coming

I’m looking forward to a long walk tomorrow out in Schönbrunn

@KitRedgrave me too, I was looking forward to the halloween mood tbh, it’s one of the most wholesome of all major holidays.

On the other hand I sort of wish the organizers of our halloween party would cancel already, it’s just too much stress to see the climbing numbers

RIP James Randi.

I will miss you old man.

USA and coups 

I just find it funny that on one hand the US couldn’t find a way out of a paper bag right now, but on the other hand it has the competence to pull off a coup in......Peru.

@0xf0 (you’re the DnD master, you need to roll!)

@0xf0 Excellent.

As chair I put forward a motion:

“Stop using PGP.” I call for a vote.

@wxcafe fuck systemd, it’s the PHP of init tools.

It’s a shame that this is why it’s so popular, the monolith approach has it’s synergy advantages

@0xf0 @reto ah that’s nice, my halloween costume will be astronomy themed this year!


@garfiald Do you have many Garfeels?

@indixotic just don’t plan fireworks for the gender reveal party :)

(Introverts unite! At our own pace, separately, with plenty of alone time)

@0xf0 it's like dnssec, if it's down nothing of serious value relies on it

nsfw work 

Sometimes, even work is not safe for work.

How many Cum. sessions did you have today?

^wolf slowfucker scratches his goatee^

@indixotic yeah I’m big on automatic payments but i monitor expenses closely

@greyduck yeah it felt weird at first.

In Hungary where I’m originally from I believe most people still do the “go to the post office once a month to pay the yellow bills” routine

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