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@greyduck yeah it felt weird at first.

In Hungary where I’m originally from I believe most people still do the “go to the post office once a month to pay the yellow bills” routine

Is it common that people pay bills manually? Either electronically or by going to a post office/bank?

More and more online/financial activities are just arbitrage on low-information consumers.

Present just enough complexity that most people don’t have the time or the inclination to investigate something and services get away with brazenly exploiting it.

@0xf0 I’m pretty sure that’s at least 10% of the logs


No, I absolutely can't think of a case when a british leader was a cunt and that lead to a country gaining independence from it.

Ukpol, work 

@kyzh what the actual fuck

All this usenet hoopla reminds me that I still have IRC chatlogs from 2002 somewhere

What a missed opportunity to title this

“ICMP packets over IPv6 only want one thing and it’s disgusting”

They missed the headline of the week.

@randomgeek heh I would get one if I’d still commute to an office these days.

I’m spoiled by two model01s at home(office) right now

My next book is ATTACK SURFACE, sequel to Little Brother and Homeland: it's a technothriller about a surveillance techie who goes home and learns the weapons she helped build are used against the racial justice movement founded by her best friend.


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You know what’s great about the universe Terry Pratchett created?

1. It covers a huge intellectual spectrum, from young adult fiction to rarified sociological discourse

2. The main message is about being kind and human

Die #WienWahl ist geschlagen. Wer auch immer die nächste Koalition stellt: sie ist die letzte, die das Pariser Klimaschutzabkommen in #Wien noch umsetzen kann. #WienWähltKlima #TatenStattWorte

Domain Block 


Just to save some effort for people

Domains on the same ip:

@jennie I wonder which shitposter will register



It's always nice to see the fascist party implode.

Greens seem to be making modest gains, along with other meh parties.

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