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Completely unimportant questions, just because I'm curious and I think it's fun!

Your phone, in your pocket?

When you put your phone in your pocket, how is it oriented?

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@metro I have honestly fucking had it with those ~ironic abrasive shitposter~ types

@chosafine grow your own wood!

(But let a carpenter build you a chair, what kind of animal do you think I am?)

Covid (-) 

@TQ yeah we fucked up

Let companies use the plexi barriers in the beginning when we didn’t know any better and to continue with that now that we do.

Also, those plexi faceshields have an efficacy of roughly 10% too (compared to around 50% for MNS)

See - this is why I don’t bow to peer pressure.

This is an objectively good toot.

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left: what WAP used to mean back in the early 2000s.

right: what WAP means today

Ah that feeling when trying to find out why something doesn’t work....and the conclusion is that it never worked, because the software never implemented it

I propose to rename the Van Allen belts to Van Halen belts.


@0xf0 @greyduck folks...I just realized what Trump is: an energy vampire

Just...think about it: everything he does is calculated to wear us down. It’s been staring us in the face all this time!


@chosafine wtf, It’s way too hard for me even on normal

@indixotic @0xf0 how can you quit using vim if you can’t close the editor?

food shitpost 

@carcinopithecus the worst thing I’ve ever seen is chicken sashimi posts on instagram


That puppy can fit so many Grosstörung in it

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