Is there a fediverse newsletter or long-form blog about news?

@dch revenue is not margins though, this fine is a significant chunk of their margins

"Google hit with €1.5bn fine from EU over advertising"

This is the third fine in 2 years, totaling up to 8 billion euros but still some people think that Google wouldn't engage in anti-competitive practices with Chrome or restrict adblockers.

Following a bunch of accounts and repos for Mastodon etc development news and significant events doesn’t scale so that’s why I’m wondering

Is there a fediverse newsletter or long-form blog about news?

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#Firefox 66 rolls out this week. In fact ETA is from later TODAY

Get ready for media autoplay blocking. Please note:

Whilst immediately available (versions 66+) it will NOT be enabled by default, to ensure a smooth transition for all users. Over the course of the following week this WILL be enabled in increasing numbers until fully implementated for all users.

I've been testing it Nightly. You'll love it!

@zigg I used to have a horrible sleep cycle before I met @fubenalvo. She’s an early riser and I’m a night owl, so we ended up compensating each other and average out on a sort of normal sleep-cycle

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MySpace has lost all the music users uploaded between 2003 and 2015

Backups? Nah.. they're not very rock 'n roll...

I really should finish that blogpost about backups...

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You know the best classical music and backup service where everything is fast?

That's right, it's Bachblaze!

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Ahh, so refreshing after a haircut and beard trim.

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