The most common reason for nested simulated universes is for a realistic country-level map generation function.

To get realistic shapes you need to simulate a civilization’s history, so you need to…

I don’t have a car.

What I do have though, is the Austria-wide Klimaticket, that is valid on basically all trains and public transport.

Finally videoconferencing doesn't spin up the fans.

And there is this application-independent background blur thing in OSX for webcam/videocamera content. I like.

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M1 MacBook Pro is really nice.

I forgot what it's like to use a silent, non-overheating laptop that is well integrated in a nice GUI.

Too many times Lenovo that I had issues with your thermal management firmware, too many times.

@carcinopithecus is that the one where you have to fight increasingly smelly Richard Stallmans?

@wxcafe growth hacking with growth hacking.

seed round, with seed round

@Mainebot wish people could donate time.

I don’t mean to volunteer, I mean literally donate _time_ to extend my day by a few minutes.

See you at the 25th hour in the in-between zone

Worst thing about being back in the office is dialing back on onion consumption

neurologically pleasing books 

Good examples for me include C.J. Cherry's Chanur and Foreigner series.

It's more than world-building, somehow the established universes feel mentally relaxing, even if there is a lot of excitement and fast-paced action going on.


Yess!!! web3 and NFTs!

(sorry, had to blurt out the cynical reaction to it - these are hard social problems)

I see the EU has failed to do away with the archaic ritual of fiddling with the clocks for yet another year.

Psst, did you hear, daylight savings time was created by commies who hate the single market. Pass it on…

(You know, it’s worth a try.)

Tech gripe 

Keeping one's own data is difficult and expensive and error prone, you should use a cloud service to ensure longevity

~ Google buys the cloud service; shuts it down ~


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