Normal weddings are fucking embarrassing

Got a call recently from Magenta trying to sell me slightly faster internet connectivity.

They constantly lie that they have fibre connectivity (Glasfasernetz) which for normal people means FTTH/FTTB, not that the core internet infrastructure runs on fibre (which Magenta means). That has been the case for every ISP everywhere since at least the early 2000s.

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I’m constantly amazed how bad broadband is in Austria.

It’s so bad that a lot of people skip wired internet connectivity entirely and just go with unlimited 4G plans.

The first of two weddings in two days starts today.

@tom i might be able to squirt one your way

(Sorry, no actual device here just a fascination that sharing on the zune used to be called squirting)

it's a law of nature that you can re-read your posts as many times as you want, you'll only notice your typos after the first interaction

linguistics was invented by noam chomsky in the 50s to sell more grammar trees

US-Centric IOS 

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US-Centric IOS 

@indixotic It’s one of those childhood things for me, my mum always used to make it like that when me and my sister were little.

M'aiq wants nothing to do with Daedra. He hears they can make trees burn forever. How can they do that?

M'aiq speaks with many in his travels. After a time, they seem to repeat themselves. Strange.

M'aiq finds Dark Elves to be quite pleasant. One offered him a matching set of bracelets, but he declined.

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