tomatoes, lots of them, my harvest, boost ok 

My sourdough starter after 12 hours.
Me: feels like dr Frankenstein


tech debt, legacy, brexit 

why do incels make the worst software devs

they close every ticket with "can't reproduce won't fix"

ios 13 shortcuts 

The most concise definition of a libertarian that I can think of is someone living in a functioning society daydreaming about not living in one.

@tom well done! (That’s what the community architect says on a rural waterworks project)

@noelle not sure who said that less changes within a year than people expect and more changes within a decade.

@szbalint Well, a saintly halo DOES help answer the eternal question of "Who's a good dog?!?"


It’s hard to tell the difference between a saint depiction from the 15th century and a dog after surgery.

professional work advice 

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