When we’re buying an apartment the first thing I’ll do is lay some fiber.

We’ll also add some fiberglass to the walls but it’s important to test whether there is sufficient water pressure to flush the toilet.

@CobaltVelvet Flexible Mainframes as Loadbalancing, abbreviated as FML

@grainloom reboot. David Tennant's voice is great and overall it's good

Moving corpses? This sounds frightening to M'aiq. The undead are nothing to be toyed with.


Couldn't resist tuning into the inauguration a little bit and I just caught Eugene Goodman and Kamala Harris coming out.

You know what, I'm gonna take just a minute to feel glad. Just for a minute.

NOW it's looking closer to the way it ought to look. SMH.

we survived 4 years without a nuke 

I am immensely relieved!

There was a non-negligible chance of Trump starting a nuclear war.

What a huge bullet dodged.

us govt, difference between narcissistic psychopath and a sociopath 

If you ever wanted to see what the difference is between a psychopath and a sociopath, just check out this article:


There is a reason why Donald and Melania have been married for 15 years and it's not because she didn't know exactly who she was marrying.

Do you think in 19th century New Zealand they were like

“Oh for god’s sake NED, stop it with the fuckin’ sea shanties already”

Covid vaccination 

@0xf0 for getting a vaccine appointment initially yes

at least until the vaccine supply will be large enough that they can offer it to anyone who wants one without a waiting time, then there'll be vaccine centers/streets

@breakfastgolem no thanks, I do not want to play cyberpunk 2077


@TheGibson @natecull and they lied.

These are fascists. They lie. They relied on a bunch of aws shit

Covid vaccination 

My wife and me just registered for receiving the vaccination in Vienna.

No idea how long it will take, but this is a small and hopeful step in the right direction.

PSA: Decentralization is a technical choice to be evaluated in context for pros and cons, not an unquestionably good property in all cases.


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