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austria coronavirus testing 

Uh, I think Austria decided to increase coronavirus tests slightly?

april 1 

I don't like these april 1st jokes this year.

Or when privacy activists say we should use the corporate surveillance machine for pandemic control.

The two options of what we’ll look like after the lockdown is over.

austria / germany and covid 

Extremely rule-abiding germanistic feels.

caveats for coronavirus trend analysis 

I mean just look at that plot

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Little did I know a couple of years ago when made this stop-motion gif of building a toilet paper pyramid that one day it would come useful.

Who is wasting time now eh?!

This was today’s unintended/unplanned shopping bill

I found Zuckerberg in a museum in Rome and.....the description for the head does not disappoint.

This fresco is from the Villa Farnesina, where it stood for the past 500 years.

The villa was one of the most visited buildings over the centuries in Rome - by scholars and dignitaries, in the 19th century it was the residence of the spanish ambassador. It is a couple of kilometers from the Vatican.

I guess what I am saying is that being gay was historically accepted a lot longer than hating people for being gay.

Btw Rafael also made some kickass frescoes in the same building.

Come and share your worries with roman Jason Momoa!

(This fountain/statue used to be a “talking statue” - people could post anonymous complaints and feedback on it for the local government)

It’s a great time to visit Rome.

Piazza Navona is normally never this empty, nor are most of the sights worth seeing

This definitely looks funnier 2000 years after this statue was sculpted.

The EU flag flying on Hadrian’s Mausoleum (Castel Sant’Angelo) in Rome.

It is a potent reminder about what makes the EU strong: recently I’ve been reading a lot about the fall of the Roman empire, why it never rose again and why Europe had a run of half a millennium of unparalleled advancement compared to the rest world at the time.

Agreeing on basic rules, a common market but having competition and experimentation in social, political rules produces transformative advancement.

We spent a quite enjoyable hour in Venice on the way to Rome.

Incomprehensible hungarian legalese on passanger train info displays? ✔️

Just hungary things...

communism discourse 

Some leftist discourse got to the point where people fleeing communism are 90% mansion-owners.

They: Doctor Who-Who-Whoo!

Me: Wait, that’s not right!


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