nsfw work 

Sometimes, even work is not safe for work.

How many Cum. sessions did you have today?

Selfie, comic book effect 

For some reason I like the comic book filter in iMessage.

I really needed some chill time after this week.

left: what WAP used to mean back in the early 2000s.

right: what WAP means today

Life is too short not to spread some baked garlic cheese on sourdough bread and not to add fig jam, then not to eat it alongside with pepper filled spicy cheese things.

I wish the weather would be like this today, but anyway here is a picture from last week when we went to Schönbrunn

Cloudflare, current events 

The answer: yes, they did.

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ukpol photoshop request 

Please someone change this to coronavirus, Boris, an exponential curve and Gove saying "We should run it hot".

The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius


This is one of the two known surviving bronze statues of pre-christian roman emperors. It is over 1800 years old, and has stood in open air up until the 1980s.

It was common practice in late roman times to melt down bronze statues and the only reason this survived is that for a long time people mistakenly believed it was a statue of Constantine.

levels of introvert and privilege 

Today was the first time I’ve left the building since march 11th (we went for a long walk in a nice park), and I’m wondering to what extent it is about being comfortable at home vs about the privilege of having a fairly large balcony with plenty of sunlight and a nice view.

I missed going to a nice park/garden but I didn’t miss walking on the street.

(My wife goes for runs and handles shopping while I do most of the household chores)

World first in Hungary: a roundabout with only one entrance and one exit.

coronavirus, life is so surreal 

If this were a screenplay, it would instantly get rejected for unbelievable level of realism.

coronavirus CFR 

Wow. The case fatality rate in highly tested countries with non-overwhelmed healthcare systems basically converged to between 1.9 and 2.1%

(Countries which have not enough tests, overwhelmed healthcare systems and/or fake numbers like Hungary, well...different story)

non-vegan food 

Who said we can’t celebrate our first wedding anniversary at home? 😎

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