They: Doctor Who-Who-Whoo!

Me: Wait, that’s not right!


We’ve been married for almost a year now and the marzipan figurines from our wedding are still going strong.

I never thought I’d be married one day or that being with someone would really feel this loving.

t-mobile/magenta austria 

I feel like this except with reliability engineering.

I have a very particular set of skills tracing the hardest software and hardware problems down based on minimal information.

So of course during holidays when I wanted just to play some games my gpu’s driver/hardware developed problems with seemingly the RTX cores/functionality.

selfie, ec, rainy hair 

Cloudflare and marketing 

selfie, ec, winter 

UPC/Magenta runs a shitty network in my neighbourhood.

You can clearly see on my Ubiquiti network graphs that latency goes to hell in the afternoon when people use the internet more heavily.

(There were no large up/downloads going on at the time that could have distorted the latency numbers from my end.)

Ah, it’s my first calm day in a while and it feels soo good just to drink some tea, listen to music and enjoy the day. Even the sun started shining.

(Btw I love this mug, the text is a bit campy but the colour and the texture of the porcellain is amazing! Plus it was a gift from my sister-in-law who brought it from Amsterdam)

Getting ready for writing.

I’m excited! Don’t get to write much these days

Here, a garden and sunshine. For today I miss both.

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