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Classic Mastodon user checking notifications after shitposting

Remember kids, transistors are these newfangled things.

-- your friendly "Progress is our most important product" neighbourhood company, GE

(real advertisement from the 1950s)

Well chaps, let me introduce you to my beau the german language. It’s not my main squeeze yet, but we’re pal-ing around.

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I never could resist a huge mug of homemade cocoa with some whipped cream on top

Seven Wonders is still one of my favourite boardgames.

I like almost everything about it:
- the pace (roughly half an hour rounds)
- the design (detailed and colourful without distracting)
- the style (competitive but not cutthroat or overly aggressive)
- the mechanics (a tiny bit of randomness, but more on the meaningful choices end)
- the expansions to vary things (leaders, tower of Babel, black cards)

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