We went to Schönbrunn yesterday and the ice glistening in the sunlight was so nice!

Death, personal loss, —— 

He was a pretty cool cookie too.

These pictures are from the 1950s I think.

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Ok it was time to unfollow another weird techbro anyway.

Went for a really nice walk today.

Contrails are actually quite rare over Vienna 😎

Ukpol, labour 

Why is he wearing a mask below his nose?

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Apparently the weather has different ideas.

Where is the sun

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x0r.be server maintenance 

Aaand we’re back.

Maintenance in progress keyboard picture included

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Vienna city center today, when record-high covid numbers were announced.

As they say in Vienna:

Oida, bist du deppert?!

nsfw work 

Sometimes, even work is not safe for work.

How many Cum. sessions did you have today?

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