According to FT/SEC filing, Musk wants to turn Twitter into an even more freezepeach platform.

I don’t need to spell out that this means letting racism/white supremacists run rampant, unbanning Trump etc.

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For anyone wondering: Barmsteine on the austrian-german border.

I took this picture from the kleiner Barmstein looking at the Großer Barmstein.

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Reddit is close to nearing absolute uselessness.

This is what you get when you try to juice monthly engagement numbers with stupid machine learning tricks

We went to Schönbrunn yesterday and the ice glistening in the sunlight was so nice!

Death, personal loss, —— 

He was a pretty cool cookie too.

These pictures are from the 1950s I think.

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Ok it was time to unfollow another weird techbro anyway.

Went for a really nice walk today.

Contrails are actually quite rare over Vienna 😎

Ukpol, labour 

Why is he wearing a mask below his nose?

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