@medusa @medusa that’s a Stelze. Around 1kg of pork chops with the skin roasted crispy and salty. The Schweizerhaus specialty, they make a couple hundred every day and that’s what more than half of the orders are here.

fake birdsite 

fake birdsite 

According to my amazing german skills this means that "we learned how to ban from our german masters"

I've just suspended an account on my instance and the events that lead to it are...hilarious.

Apparently he got "pidorneted" for having a "healthy yumoruk", but doesn't even know which post out of many was offensive for women and " lgbtkabgdgd +" out of many, I mean it's just so hard to keep track!

Then pivoted to complaining about frispic 😂😂

If we had badges at Mastodon I'd definitely have "healthy yumoruk" as one.

It's actually the frame of a mirror.

I love these closeup details in photography (the macro kind)

We found some nice mokkas at a local porcellain manufactury!

You ever think about how the best image of Pluto before the New Horizons spaceprobe visited it had roughly the resolution of this blurhash preview and after, the full image?

It's as if the universe likes content warnings 🤔

Taste of ‘merica!

Mmm america never tasted this good!

(A very german/austrian conception of what’s american from Aldi)

Classic Wiener schnitzel von Kalb mit Erdäpfelsalat.

I haven’t had it in a while!

Thoroughly enjoyed the gardening yesterday, we were helping friends of ours who are renovating an old house.

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