I have an important announcement regarding

I will be shutting down this instance by the end of this year. The following thread will share some context.

First of all: please do not mourn - be content for having been along for the journey.

The great thing about the fediverse is that you _can_ migrate, find a new home or even have several. Account migration is mostly seamless.

And let’s be honest: _should_ not exist in it’s current form - I have not been the most present instance admins.

I’m busy with life: have a great job where I manage a group of amazing people. I have lots of things going on in my private life, mostly good.

This does not leave much space for maintaining a server or even logging in to the fediverse all that much.

And at work my team is all about platforms and SRE.

Even though I am quite passionate about these topics, it’s the last thing I want to do in my private time - to maintain servers.

For these reasons I’ll be shutting down and myself be migrating to another instance.

I’m committed to ensuring that this transition is the smoothest possible for all of you on

I’ve known some of you for literally half.a decade. We’ll stay in touch - just on different strands of the fediverse.

@szbalint x0r's been an excellent refuge amidst a lot of the drama that happens on fedi and it's been an honour to have been tolerated here for these past couple years

wishing you the best!

@carcinopithecus thanks! I regret having to have announced this abruptly - I’ve been thinking about this for months, but there is no way to half say it.

@szbalint Are you at all open to the idea of handing off the instance to someone else?

@woozle no. I can’t commit private data with inactive accounts to others without consent.

Which is why I announce this 5-6 months in advance, to give all interested people time to migrate.

@szbalint @woozle Would migrating active users + data be ano option?

If my Bayesian priors are any guide, that's likely 1% or fewer of all registered profiles. Could be more but I'd doubt that.

"Active" ~= 6 mos active.

You'd want to additionally opt in.

Mastodon having true account migration including data would be a Good Thing.


Since the sticking point is consent, it seems that the only viable migration solution is for individual users to choose to migrate themselves.

If there was some way to do a mass migration, I suppose a poll could be set up for users to opt in... but then they'd all have to agree on the same destination instance (or choose from a small set of participating re-homing instances). I can't really see it being much of a time-saver overall.


@woozle Yes.

Follows and profile description are migrated. Toots are not.

I'm now on my third primary Mastodon profile --- earlier were (now dead) and

@dredmorbius I do have a script for exporting public threads... it should be easy enough to modify it to export all of an individual's public posts. The trick then is (1) working in authentication to access private posts and (2) (the big one) uploading to a new instance, with correct time-stamps and at least internal linkage... though there'd be no way to preserve linkage from other posts...

I'm now dimly thinking of a sort of archive-host that can include external links and add them as well, though I'm not sure how easy it is to find that data.

@woozle It'd be kind of cool if Mastodon links weren't server-relative but profile-relative.

This presumes a GUID profileID.

@dredmorbius A federated persistent ID service might be a worthwhile thing to have.

@szbalint Totally understood and appreciated. Thanks for the heads-up, and I'll figure out where to go from here as soon as I have the mental bandwidth for it.

@szbalint It’s easy and takes zero effort to tolerate a lovelessly maintained service around. A service for which you are responsible, in theory. We’ve all been there. But committing to standards and saying: no, I can’t and won’t be able to live up to the users’ expectations, whatever the personal reason might be, demands courage and sincereness. Thank you for transparently drawing this line. I wish you well with the journey ahead✌️

Things I have loved about, apart from the name which first drew me to it:

- the motto
- the server care
- the client user care

These are all exemplified by the announcement.

Thanks for giving me a place, for free, these past years, @szbalint.

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