Simulation sandbox 

I鈥檓 not saying we live in a simulation, but IF we were to live in one, then:
- a slowly escalating russian-ukrainian war
- US fascist takeover by republicans / Trump
- climate change triggering runaway global warmin due to permafost methane thawing
- pandemic resuming

鈥ll converging around 2023-24 would be how I would build a sandbox universe where you fuck everything up just to see what would happen.

Web 1 2 3

Simulation sandbox, doom (but the video game mentioned is a totally different one) 

@szbalint feeling nostalgic over cheating in simearth and launching disasters at random to see how badly i could wreck every civilization that comes up

somehow there was still life on the planet by the time it got swallowed by the sun sometime around 4 AM

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