Living in a small vilage is a prison 

My grandparents on my mum鈥檚 side passed away this past year, and I鈥檝e been thinking quite a lot about them, and the lives they lead. The ways they shaped my mum and me.

A small village is a socio-economic prison. My grandparents didn鈥檛 escape it, but they gave my mum and me the chance to do so. Education, encouragement, opportunity. It was an intergenerational effort.

I am keenly aware of how lucky I鈥檝e been with having opportunities, it鈥檚 not merit.


Living in a small vilage is a prison 

What part of living in a village is like prison?

The mindset is in general way narrower. You鈥檙e socially considering your village of a few hundred/thousand people, not communities outside of it. What your immediate neighbors think, what people in the village think.

Most people do not consciously appreciate this, this is why it鈥檚 a socio-economic prison. The people living in such arrangements do not realize things could be different.

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Living in a small vilage is a prison 

@szbalint I can relate to this as my grandparents could escape but it was hard. I think it is a prison when you can't afford to leave but it's like that with every other job you attached to, just even more remote and harder.

It probably doesn't have to be this way. Tight community can be the way to love for many but We Love In Society.

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