One of the biggest unwritten stories today is the fact that the United States still refuses to export vaccines, when demand for it is already declining domestically, and the tens of millions of doses piling up include AstraZeneca which is not even approved in the US, so it's not used.

That this story isn't headline news in the anglosphere is such an indictment of our news infrastructure.

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You understand that the only plant in the US making Astra-Zenica contaminated at least 15 million doses and had to be shut down for safety reasons, right?

Are those doses deemed unsafe for use for Americans the ones you want to see exported?

Are you sure?

@hhardy01 obviously I'm not suggesting exporting contaminated doses, but QC is in place to catch these issues and it did. I'm talking about the 40+ million other doses from AZ alone and the 100m+ stockpile the US is sitting on right now.

While other countries see their healthcare systems collapsing.

@szbalint It is headline news in Canada, but in a fairly self-interested way. The story is basically "when are we going to get more vaccine", and this is tied by politicians at all levels to US decisions. I'm not sure if this is better or not, but since you mention it...

@szbalint I only googled about it when you mentioned it here. Didn't know or see any US major news outlets reporting this on YT. Most of the search results were coming from news outlets from other countries. interesting fuckery...

@szbalint maybe it's a sign I should invest in a house in other country on a small island and then move there too.

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