Reasons for dropping gmail 

Ok, so I鈥檝e been slowly moving away from gmail and I thought I鈥檇 share the reasons why - it might be useful to you.

My primary use-case is not so much writing emails, as receiving them - mostly from accounts I have elsewhere.

Gmail used to be my identity provider, being the password reset mail and the destination for invoices, receipts etc.

So I wasn鈥檛 looking for an email provider as much as an identity provider. And Google is just not trustworthy for that:

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Reasons for dropping gmail 

1. You鈥檙e not the customer, there is no support and people get locked out capriciously all the time - there are many horror stories. Google has a unified account, so random youtube stuff can affect your identity provider.

2. Google is noticeably decreasing in service quality, most of the people who pushed the company forward have left for greener pastures, while ppl still there are pushing it more and more into the orwellian data merchant direction.

Reasons for dropping gmail 

3. Google is more and more relying on abusive monopolistic practices, I think they should be broken up by the EU/US and I simply don鈥檛 trust them for anything important.

So for me the ideal email provider is like my bank: there is a customer relationship, security assumptions are high, and if push comes to shove I can get in touch with a human.

That鈥檚 why I basically only considered Microsoft O365 and Apple鈥檚 icloud for an email address. I picked icloud.

Reasons for dropping gmail 

I excluded all the minor email services as we know very little about their security practices or overall corporate structure, trustworthiness.

Reasons for dropping gmail 

@szbalint i like fastmail a lot especially because i can form a simple website from my email domain and that's always a plus

Reasons for dropping gmail 

@szbalint I've been using fastmail for many years and recently proton mail

both are dedicated to email, and that's the corner stone of their business. (i pay money to both)

even tho proton mail is security focused, I still prefer fastmail from an UX/UI point of view

Reasons for dropping gmail 


Did you look at Fastmail? I've been using them for about 5 years or so and they have always been great - very reliable. They also seem to have a pretty good track record on security and decent practises.

Reasons for dropping gmail 

@szbalint I've just been dropping Gmail and have moved toward my ISPs e-mail. I still have the same e-mail address I've used for ten years since I bought a domain matching my last name. I just switched where it goes to.

I currently still have gmail for when a commercial entity needs an e-mail address.

I feel my ISP is good enough for me; it's a Canadian company under Canadian law hosting in-country and I *believe* Canadian privacy laws are strong enough.

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