Hahaha there is a video

Best way to say you’re not racist is in your best weirdly snob royal accent looking like you stepped out of the 1930s

@szbalint To be fair there is no way to say you're not racist. If people want to believe you're racist, they'll just believe that. I am making no judgement that they're right or wrong in any case.

I would say he shouldn't have stated "there is no racism in the British royal family" before speaking to his brother or, better, the person making the accusation but then I watched the video and saw it was a 22-second distanced interaction.

In other words, I think this entire clip is meaningless.

@dlek @szbalint nonetheless, a bald assertion that we're very much not racist, delivered in the by definition poshest of posh british accents, is hilarious

this is monty python level stuff

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