Biden, Trump administration crimes

'he has specifically told advisers that he is wary of federal tax investigations of Trump or of challenging any orders Trump may issue granting immunity to members of his staff before he leaves office. One adviser said Biden has made it clear that he "just wants to move on." '

This might make short-term sense for Biden, but it's a huge mistake politically longer term, and very bad news for anyone worried about US democracy.

Biden, Trump administration crimes 

Without accountability, it is open season for fascism in the US.

That Biden doesn't get that he needs to fight back seems to indicate that he's living in the past. The alternate reality the republican party has constructed around itself will eat him if he doesn't take steps to:

- make people accountable for crimes
- puncture the propaganda networks of the fascist right

short-term = first six months of his presidency
after that, huge problems at the midterms.

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Biden, Trump administration crimes 

I mean, I'm not sure what Biden plans on fixing or how he wants to drive people towards unity, but skipping one of the biggest problems by not doing much about the rise of american fascism that is also the biggest cause of legislative paralysis - that doesn't sound very smart.

What does he want to talk about? Climate change or healthcare? Republicans will be back on the deficit bullshit in a week and will sink any economic recovery just to dent Biden's approval

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Biden, Trump administration crimes 

@szbalint i'm not hugely sympathetic to the mainline democratic party or its manifestation in a biden presidency here, once we get past how relieved i am that he beat the other guy, but at a mechanical level i understand the lure of "let's just move on" - inasmuch as any attempt to impose real accountability will probably a) give the fascists decades of grievance ammunition, b) be undermined by the rest of the democrats themselves, and c) fail spectacularly.

re: Biden, Trump administration crimes 

@brennen @szbalint If you see all of "the other guy" people as "fascists" .. or even 1/3 of them .. you are literally part of the problem.

The left have demonized maga people for four years, made up bogus Russian bot alligation, implied that most supporters are uneducated, racist .. and let's be clear. Many more people have died in the gang violence following BLM rallies, and more Trump supporters have been stabbed and shot, than any people hurt by "white suprematists" in these past four years

I personally think both sides are equally terrible and for people to grandstand for one or the other being a lesser evil is fucking disgusting.

If you're going to want to see real reconciliation, you have to agree the other side's choice wasn't unsound .. If you can't understand why someone would vote for Trump or Biden .. you need more diversity of though in your friend group.

re: Biden, Trump administration crimes 

@djsumdog most of my family and a decent chunk of my broader friend group voted for trump. i know and understand them quite well. many of them are just lifelong republicans who don't really get how far the party has drifted into actual fascism; the more MAGA-hat-y ones are themselves pretty enthusiastic fascists. all of them are at absolute best sufficiently ok with sundry egregious bigotries to have just not cared and voted for the dude anyway.

re: Biden, Trump administration crimes 

@djsumdog i understand a trump vote perfectly well: it's made by people who have sufficiently bad ideas, beliefs, and priorities to have made a bad decision.

anyhow, i don't have further time for your "equally terrible" nonsense, and i'm blocking you now.

re: Biden, Trump administration crimes 

@szbalint @brennen That's such a non sequitur and a shitty argument. We don't know who the party of oppression is RIGHT NOW. We can retrospectively look at Germany and say "Nazi party bad" because of the effects, but you're making the jump to say MAGA is the US Nazi, and yet if you look at the hard left, they're the ones who want Internet censorship, they're the ones that one "codes of conduct", there the ones creating a culture of victimhood, and the left-media is intentionally hiding the extent of the riots in Portland and how bad CHAZ was.

How do you know the hard-left anarco-anti-cap and BLM and Antifa aren't the real faschists? You can't. You assume one side is filled with virtue and the other is the boogie man. Over 60 million people voted for both sides, both in 2016 and now.
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