Biden, covid

I'm glad Biden is the next US president, I just wish we didn't have to settle for disappointment.

Biden is apparently against lockdowns at this point.

Ok, purely from a political perspective this move makes sense: he won't be in office until jan 20th, and the US healthcare system will crash by then[1], so he's not burning popularity for something he can't affect that much.

However: 1/2


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Biden, covid 

However, he's the president with the weight of the office lending credence to his words.

It's an undisputable fact that the US healthcare system needs a lockdown to prevent many people from dieing. Biden should say so, even if Trump will get the blame for these deaths.

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Biden, covid 

@szbalint The difficulty is that Trump has forced Biden's hand already.

If he does a national mandate it will be difficult to enforce without state cooperation. Also there will be a big backlash cuz muh freedoms.

Instead he is going to try to work with all state governors. Most likely the cases will be so bad that even red states will likely cooperate.

The good thing is that Biden wont get bored after a month

Biden, covid 

@fc well yeah, Biden can't do much atm, but by end of january it'll be too late to do even a little.

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