Is it common that people pay bills manually? Either electronically or by going to a post office/bank?

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@szbalint I freely admit that I COULD use auto/recurring payments, but thanks to my dirt-poor upbringing I can't bring myself to do it, I have to manage every bill by hand somehow.

@greyduck yeah it felt weird at first.

In Hungary where I’m originally from I believe most people still do the “go to the post office once a month to pay the yellow bills” routine

@szbalint I mean I'm in the us with an antique of a bank system, but yes I mail a paper, handwritten, check each month for a couple of regular expenses.

@szbalint There's only bill that I pay manually. Everything else is automated.

@szbalint my work involves a lot of transactions that mark the time when a recurring automatic payment should be stopped

and we regularly run into problems when it's stopped too early or too late

so i try to do everything manually

i even insist on paper credit card bills in case anything happened to my email

@szbalint (though i'm fine with doing the payments themselves entirely electronically - it's all just numbers anyway so why not deal with the things that deal with numbers)

@szbalint a pattern i suspect may be somewhat common: automatic charges to a credit card / line of credit / bank account; manual management of balance of that account.

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