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it seems like some people think that you can just quote Orwell in any situation.
waiter said you can't get more breadsticks? Orwellian. you have to wear a mask to not infect others? yup, just like in 1984.


politics adjacent 

@grainloom the opposite is also surprising

I read yesterday a traffic report* on 444.hu that the Budapest Marathon will lead to traffic diversions today.

I mean, what's that about? Everyone forgot that there is a pandemic going on or what the fuck?

I can imagine the organizers not caring, but presenting in the news without the health context?

* 444.hu/2020/10/09/hetvegen-les

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politics adjacent 

@szbalint that's indeed odd. my charitable guess is they just didn't have time for this, since there is a lot to report on.

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