i saw the absolute worst video on youtube yesterday. im not going to link to it, dont even know how to describe it. someone obviously put a lot of work in, drawing on disparate topics to illustrate a novel point. the kinda thing i've enjoyed for years. except this didn't go anywhere, there was no point being made, and nothing conveyed justified the weighty tone, except maybe for a long, profound, but mostly irrelevant quote halfway in. maybe Video Essays are actually all bad. the spell is broken

before you mention it, i know theres tons of youtube like this already. but it was shocking to see a video edited and written exactly in the style i've come to enjoy, but with no substance whatsoever. i thought maybe that it was written by GPT-3. hoping the guy does a follow-up revealing it was all a prank. but i looked at his videos and they're all like this! his fans love it! "you're one of the best minds on this platform" "this is profound and i cried" etc.

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@jk it's like Villeneuve movies: a shockingly large percentage of society can't distinguish between form and meaning and just pattern-matches on form.

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@szbalint exactly! in fact this made me realise that this youtuber has absolutely nailed the form, and should be employed as a video/script-editor for someone who actually has something to say. the resulting output would probably be pretty good!

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