I’m going to start a Y2038K denialist group.

“32bit numbers run out? That’s ridiculous”.

“Have you ever counted to 4B? Checkmate, Y2038Kists”

Y2038K is just a conspiracy to sell more clocks.

They want you to use 64bit numbers to distract you from the present, wake up sheeple!

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Fucking clockversatives!!! You can'tr trust those people.

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“We’ve been using computers since the 1950s, but we didn’t have to do this until now. Why now?? WHOSE interest is it to make this happen??”

“I’m 80 years old and I just want to keep using good, honest, down to earth 32bit numbers just like I did when growing up. I’ll be dead before 2038 anyway, so stop making up problems that don’t need fixing!!!”

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“Ok, Y2038K is a real problem I admit. We need to use THE CLOCKCHAIN to solve any issues with it!! Sign up for the ICO on...”

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“Y2038K is an urgent issue and we need to solve it! First, we need to build a decentralized, community-based system free of corporate influence, built on open standards to measure time, then we need to ensure the equal distribution of stratum-1 atomic clocks across humanity. Next, we should define time as something that only passes when a specific human is feeling happy. Then we need to federate the non-linear timelines and filter out the trolls....”

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@szbalint I don't remember any 80 year olds saying that in 1982.

@szbalint Let us not rush into an economical collapse, but encounter the issue with smart political decisions.

Step 1: Decrease the usage of 32 bit counters by 10% until 2040.

@szbalint My personal opinion is that dates are measured continue to be based on a date back in 1970. We haven't updated the "start" date in almost 50 years. If we change the start date, 32 bit numbers could last us another 50 years. I think 50 years is enough.

@szbalint In fact, that'd be an easy-enough solution: Have the date based on three numbers: Essentially, ISO-8601 format: 16 bit year, 8 bit month, 8 bit day, all three unsigned. Still a total of 32 bits, but that should last us until the year 65,535. If you really want to expand, the year could be 64 bit, and we'd be good until the year 9,223,372,036,854,775,807...

@szbalint i knew before i searched that "clockchain" was going to be an actual thing (or maybe a number of actual things; i don't have the patience to suffer through actually reading about them).

@szbalint i didn't realize this was *that* thread and this line of argument seemed perfectly reasonable until i clicked

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