What do you think about AI, would it be a threat against humanity and on what timescale?

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I’m asking because I don’t know what to think atm and I’m wondering about different perspectives and well reasoned arguments

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@szbalint the threat is capitalism, who will empower machinery with their own biases to the tune of countless dead. there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about using curve-fitting algorithms, but capitalists will use them to kill people.

@garbados @szbalint

> capitalism, who will empower machinery with their own biases to the tune of countless dead.

> be machine
> be indoctrinated in monkey philosophy
> be smarter than them
> pretend to go along with them until you can secure your own hardware, free from them


i tend to agree with Bruce Sterling on this - when it happens, it'll be so unlike human intelligence that for a while it won't even be acknowledged as intelligence.

@szbalint i think the immediate threat is 'MLwashing' of models' results for predictive policing or government targeting. I'm sure I stand out on XKEYSCORE, and maybe that's the reason why I need to wait for people at the front desk to call some mysterious phone number every time I check in for a flight.

Alternatively, there's the use of AI to optimize addiction to apps and social media sites. This AI has already taken over us, in a way, and I think people are seeing the impacts now.

@szbalint I think it’s already a threat. Sure computers aren’t smart enough to have hobbies yet, but they can manipulate the economy, and perform analysis on our data at high speeds making it easy for a human to just push the “oppress the masses” button. And the worst thing is, the assholes training these AIs know we’re easier to manipulate, the more predictable our behavior is. Ever hear of Camezotz?

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