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@szbalint When it's fully possible to do contact tracing in an anonymous, privacy-preserving manner, there's absolutely no reason to disclose individual location data and all the relevant inherent risks and evils involved.

You're arguing for an absolutely unnecessary and inherently dangerous capability.

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I hate this, because this sort of bluetooth contact tracing is like a stupid nerd idea of how the world works and the world doesn't work like that.

First off, just an alert popping up "you've been exposed" is useless without context, because context allows risk to be evaluated.

So either people get too many alerts and ignore them or it doesn't work reliably enough. IT IS NOT ACTIONABLE.

We need location based contact tracing that augments public health efforts!


Which is what South Korea did. They use location data to see where and who needs to be tested and quarantined. Public health has to perform the testing and the enforcement of the quarantine and tracking down further cases, it doesn't work with a bluetooth based app.

Public health also determines infectiousness onset so they know which close contacts might be relevant, from which time on.

Does the Apple/Google approach help reduce infections? No. Because it doesn't fucking work.

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