How long do you think it takes for people to get used to daylight savings time changes?

I have data from a large hosting provider, that I will reveal after the poll is over

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The answer is slightly below 2 weeks for a large majority of people, with a long tail taking even more time.

This is showing up clearly in traffic patterns and behavioural studies

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@szbalint It has been horrible, waking up, the past couple of days

@szbalint i voted for the longest option, but i feel like the real number is much higher

@szbalint daylight is outside, outside is irrelevant, you can just ignore the clocks change this year


why isn't "six months" an option, is honestly my first thought here

@sydneyfalk @szbalint and it's even harder to get out of the "we are participating in a lie about where the fricking SUN is because the government told us to" thought

@szbalint still working through it, I guess I'll let you know?

From winter time to summer time it is ok, from summer time to winter time, it is really hard

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