The one thing that seems to spread faster than coronavirus is the misinformation, scare stories and falsehoods that people seem to spread ahem virally.

@szbalint it's cold season in the northern hemisphere and no one's provided a reliable way to tell coronovirus from a cold until it's too late...

@carcinopithecus @szbalint

1. Did you go to Wuhan recently?
2. Did someone who coughed at you go to Wuhan recently?

If you don't know that the answer to one of these is "yes", and you're in the US, the likelihood that your cold is actually 2019-nCoV is one in a hundred million until someone competent tells you differently.
Or actually I should relate that the people who have cold or flu symptoms, not the entire population. So one in a million to ten million? Not sure how many have respiratory symptoms at any given time.

Either way, it's diminishingly small and not worth for an individual to worry about. Wash hands, stay out of crowds if reasonably possible, maybe wear a mask if in a risk area, but wear one that actually filters your air. Surgical masks are just decoration when it comes to protecting yourself rather than others.

@szbalint Does anyone know if the current flu vaccination provides any immunity?

@MsAlliance @szbalint It's not an influenza virus, and it was not anticipated, so the expected immunity from the seasonal flu vaccine should be zero.

Even though the full genome of the 2019-nCoV virus was published a while back, I haven't yet heard of a vaccine.
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