Fuck yeah trains!

Today the night train service started between Vienna and Brussels, and it will start between Vienna and Amsterdam from next year.

Convenient and great for the environment.

I was in Hauptbahnhof and an orchestra played belgian themes to celebrate it and they handed out waffles. It was nice

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@jwildeboer the nightjet from Innsbruck goes via Munich so yes ;)

@szbalint oooh what do I look for to see timetables and costs? That sounds amazing

@szbalint it's quoting me EUR 278 wien-berlin for 2 adults, one child, sleeper cabin, one month advance purchase. A bargain I think

@eqe @szbalint I'm choosing my 2020 conference schedule based on availability of night train routes.

@szbalint I was so afraid ÖBB would cancel their night train services but lately it looks like they're going to expand it?

@szbalint I seriously don't understand why they celebrate that like it's a grand achievement never before attempted by humanity.

There used to be direct night trains between Vienna and Amsterdam for a long time. I took the trip as a kid once. I took it again twice in my twenties, and the last time in my early 30s. They just stopped that service some time ago and now they act like it's a breakthrough that it gets re-instated?!

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