It’s so easy to be distracted by basically everything in our lives.

Tech stuff, interpersonal squabbles and angling and office drama, endless boxing matches on social media with a hero and a villain, empty gaming calories.

It’s a miracle that there is any nuance left and anything meaningful gets done. And we didn’t even enter the ethical dimension of it all: to what extent do we owe it to others not to get distracted?

I’m easily distracted and introspecting about is is on my mind lately.

@szbalint I had never considered the ethical ramifications of allowing myself to be distracted.

On the other hand, you kinda owe it to your own mind to allow some idle downtime, no?

@bracht @szbalint I really glommed onto this: "You owe it to your own mind to allow some idle downtime". This is extremely important. I find I am at my most creative when I am jogging, or walking the dog, or doing dishes, or doing anything that is "mindless".

We are beating our own minds to whimpering subservience to things we don't even care about by making constant demands on their attention.

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