It is 1am here and I can’t sleep. So let me tell you about love, magic and travels.

We went to the Caravaggio and Bernini exhibition in the Kunsthistorische museum here in Vienna and it’s just amazing. Caravaggio was taking the piss out of his contemporaries in a way that shines brightly through the centuries. “Sure, have some religious trance that is totally not sexual orgasm”, “These young guys in religious depictions do look eminently fuckable, why do you mention it?” David depictions were

particularly intriguing as they came very close to portraying enbies.

Bernini sculptures are different, but magical. It’s impossible to do them justice with a photograph. His humour is lower-key but amazing, sculpting the half-fastened shirt button of Cardinal Richelieu? C’mon! The texture and the fact that his works are perfectly composed in 3D is astonishing.

Most of Bernini’s larger works don’t travel, so after seeing the exhibition we’ll probably spend a couple of days in Rome soon.

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Visiting Villa Borghese basically and other noteable things.

We’ve been talking about art, the exhibition, Bernini and visiting Rome for days now as one flowing, curving conversation and I love every minute of it. My wife is an art historian by education and I always felt that it’s the most real and inspiring thing at the same time - to connect to history and art. It’s my breath of fresh air after the myopic world of IT.

Anyway go see/do some art ya’ll, it’s good for the soul.

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