bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

It's a common sentiment on hacker news/ and it's worth spelling out what's wrong with it.

1. technology does not exist in isolation, but interacts more and more with our world

Ok but still, aren't there enough places to discuss the ethics of technology? This leads to point 2.

2. When they say "just technology" they mean "just tech and implicit political positions that aligns with my views".


bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

To illustrate 2. with some examples:

- discussing Google products that rely on datamining: just tech
- discussing privacy/the con side of datamining: politics

- discussing Palantir's cool software automation: just tech
- discussing software challenges in a global world with differing laws and human rights standards: ew politics

- discussing RMS's political views on software: just tech
- discussing gender problems in tech: politics

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bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

@szbalint Yuuuup.

Techbros would do well to accept that everything is political. Getting out ahead of that is how you future-proof your mental codebase.

bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 


I suggest people to acknowledge the political responsibility of software development by stating the political goals of a project explicitly, in a POLITICS.txt file alongside the README.txt.


bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

@szbalint People who avoid political subjects are generally those who have unpopular political opinions. They don't want to get in a heated argument, so they change the subject

bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

@jwinnie @szbalint Dingdingding! Exactly. They know they're bigots. They just feel justified in their bigotry, but they know they'll be attacked for it, so they hide it.

That whole "if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide" bit that these tech bros use to justify their viewpoint on datamining and security is just self projection to distract from how they're trying to hide their own bigotry.

@szbalint in what way is it not politics to discuss another person鈥檚 politics? lol

bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

@szbalint the definition of what is and is not "political" is, in fact, the exact thing at stake in most political fights.

or to put it another way, somebody once said: "whatever you think ought to be above politics? that's your politics right there"

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