Why isn鈥檛 a single EU clothing size standard (in day to day use)?

@szbalint why there鈥檚 no single EU electric outlet standard?



@0xf0 well after brexit that鈥檚 no longer true


@szbalint uh? Other than the europlug, for all the other use cases (2A+) AFAIK there鈥檚 still no single EU standard.

Even the europlug is not 鈥渙ne standard鈥 but a clever compromise that manages to fit in the different German/French/Italian outlets.

Schuko/F (which seems like the 鈥渄ominating鈥 wanna-be high power standard) has few national variants with variable degrees of compatibility like the French E, the Italian L and the danish K.


@szbalint Hopefully things got more homogenous since I left for the US. What鈥檚 the situation in Austria?

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