Ah yes, the usual airbnb routine:

Exchanging information and greetings on whatsapp, the welcome bottle of wine, and running the quick nmap scan on the wifi network to see if there are any obvious hidden cameras.

@szbalint is it that common or are you just being extra cautious ?

@mlfk probably not that common to be honest, but a quick basic check didn’t cost me anything but 5 minutes of my time

@Billie @szbalint Termux has nmap and netcat and such, and at least a ping scan works on a non-rooted device. Though a decently configured WiFi won't allow connections between clients anyway?

Thanks, of cause I can use #termux, didn't think about this 👍. If somebody runs an IP camera in an AirBnB, I won't bet that connections between clients have been turned off, it is worth a try at least.

@szbalint Time was when I would've chuckled at your level of paranoia.

Today I'm merely nodding my head in approval.

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